Art of living and traditions in Morocco

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Morocco has been around for thousands of years and has inherited centuries of tradition. And yet this kingdom is not the least bit frozen in time. It has a vibrant culture that is expressed each day in the little details that make up daily routines and habits, as well as in celebrations and rituals. Spend some time here and soak up Morocco’s irresistible lifestyle.

The best approach is to walk through her cities and villages and experience the narrow alleys of ancient neighborhoods. This brings you close to the people: talk to them! They are certain to invite you to have a cup of Moroccan tea, a time-honored ritual of hospitality and ceremony.

You should also experience day-to-day life. Morocco and its inhabitants espouse an enviable Mediterranean lifestyle that has been recognized by UNESCO. This lifestyle comprises practices, foods and symbols that bring pleasure to every day and are sure to captivate you as well.

The kingdom loves its celebrations, which punctuate the calendar. One of the types of events that bring Moroccans together are its famous moussems, festive religious events. Do not miss the Tan-Tan moussem, which is especially well known and has been listed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage register since 2008. The EssaouiraGnaouas festival is also highly recommended. These gatherings are opportunities for you to interact with and immerse yourself in the different cultures that make Morocco such a rich, diverse country.

This is but a glimpse of the myriad cultures that still thrive in Morocco. Work your way across the country and get to know these treasures of Morocco’s intangible cultural heritage.

Moroccan nightlife

Whether you pick a traditional or modern experience, a night on the town in Morocco will make your trip unforgettable.

The major cities of Morocco have a rich nightlife. Cafés and clubs throb with music and conversation all night long with sounds from around the world. There is something for every taste and every mood. In Marrakesh, it isn’t unusual to run into international stars and celebrities. The kingdom’s casinos are also worth a look. There are excellent venues in the Red City, Agadir, Tangier and Mazagan to indulge your taste for games of chance.

Would you prefer a more mellow evening? If so, sample the country’s many restaurants, where the world-renowned cuisine of Morocco will delight your taste buds. Local dishes on the coast and further inland will take you on a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

You should consider participating in a traditional Moroccan celebration for a chance to combine the pleasures of fine food, dancing and singing. These evenings will reveal to you some of the cultural facets that make Morocco so rich. Choose between Arabic-Andalusian or Berber folk customs.

To ensure your vacation is time well spent, come to Morocco, a kingdom that is continuously pulsing with life. Its welcoming people are always up for a party and the sounds of celebration ring through their homes and streets.

Desert child of Morocco

Morocco, a gastronomic country

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The third edition of the Gastro et Cia Awards, organised by the Spanish daily La Razón, crowned Morocco as the best international gastronomic destination.

The jury, composed of personalities from the worlds of politics, economics, arts and culture, recognized the richness and diversity of Moroccan cuisine, which has preserved its originality and original cultural characteristics.

The organizers emphasized its Berber, Arab-Andalusian and Jewish origins, as well as those of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. This award is a tribute to a cuisine that uses quality products produced with patience and love.

At the ceremony held in Madrid, Mohamed Sofi, delegate of the ONMT, Moroccan National Tourist Office in Spain, received the award.

In the presence of H.E. Karima Benyaich, Ambassador of Morocco to Spain. Mohamed Sofi was delighted with this international recognition and that Moroccan cuisine, one of the richest in the world, is so much appreciated for its multiple flavours and colours, the result of multiple cultural legacies.

He said that this award also demonstrates that gastronomy is currently considered to be “a very important ingredient in any tourism experience”. And recalled on this occasion the richness of the Moroccan tourist offer, culture, business, seaside or sport.

Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Morocco‘s interactions and exchanges with other cultures and nations over the centuries. Moroccan cuisine is typically a mix of Arabic, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines with a slight European and Subsaharan influence.

Welcome to Morocco

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Morocco is a gateway to Africa, and a country of dizzying diversity. Here you’ll find epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts – and warm hospitality.

Mountains & Desert

From Saharan dunes to the peaks of the High Atlas, Morocco could have been tailor-made for travellers. Lyrical landscapes carpet this slice of North Africa like the richly coloured and patterned rugs you’ll lust after in local cooperatives. The mountains – not just the famous High Atlas but also the Rif and suntanned ranges leading to Saharan oases – offer simple, breathtaking pleasures: night skies glistening in the thin air, and views over a fluffy cloudbank from the Tizi n’Test pass. On lower ground, there are rugged coastlines, waterfalls and caves in forested hills, and the mighty desert.

Ancient Medinas

Morocco’s cities are some of the most exciting on the continent. Join the centuries-old trail of nomads and traders to their ancient hearts, from the winding medina maze of Fez to the carnivalesque street-theatre of the Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakesh. In the rocky deserts medinas are protected by kasbahs, on the coast by thick sea walls. But it’s not just a heritage trip, as Morocco’s cities are forward-facing too, with glitzy new urban design in Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier looking to the future as well as paying homage to their roots.

Moroccan Activities

Enjoying Morocco starts with nothing more strenuous than its national pastime – people-watching in a street cafe with a coffee or a mint tea. Use the opportunity to plan your next moves – hiking up North Africa’s highest peak, learning to roll couscous, camel trekking in the desert, shopping in the souqs or getting lost in the medina. Between the activities, you can sleep in boutique riads, relax on panoramic terraces and grand squares, and mop up delicately flavoured tajines – before sweating it all out in a restorative hammam.

Traditional Life

Morocco is a storied country, that has, over the centuries, woven its ties to Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the wider Middle East into whole cloth. Its mixed Arab and Berber population forms a strong national identity, but an increasingly youthful one, taking the best of its traditions and weaving the pattern anew – from the countryside to the city, from the call to prayer from the mosque to the beat of local hip hop. Morocco has a hundred faces and sounds, all ready to welcome the traveller looking for spice and adventure.

Fez – Meknes, the imperial pearls

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Fez radiates a unique aura. This imperial city is the custodian of 13 centuries of Moroccan history. Meknes has a rich, prestigious past and harbors marvelous surprises.

Walk through the walls that guard the celebrated Medina of Fez, whose outstanding universal value has been recognized by UNESCO. Meander along the streets of the Fes-El-Bali district. The Bab Boujloud Gate is the easiest way to access the medina. In May, the city’s squares and streets come to life with music from around the world as the Sacred Music Festival takes over the one-time imperial capital. Along with the Jazz in Riads festival, it is one of the city’s cultural highlights.

Don’t leave without sampling the city’s extraordinary cuisine, which is considered to be among the best in the world.

Just 40 miles from Fez lies the city of Meknes, another open-air museum. Its medina and the remnants of the royal palace also earned it a designation as a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. Pass through the Bab Mansour Gate on El Hedime square to enter the medina and enjoy this masterpiece of Spanish-Moorish art. Be sure to make time for the royal stables and granary of Sultan Moulay Ismail anddon’t miss Volubilis. This Roman archaeological site just north of Meknes is the most extensive one in Morocco. Its triumphal arch, capitol and house of Bacchus attest to the splendor of the city, as well as its economic and political significance.

The imperial, eternal cities of Meknes and Fez serve up a timeless experience that blurs the boundaries between past and present.

The souks, markets of the food and the well-being

It often seems that time stands still in the medinas of Fez and Meknes. Yet behind their high walls, a host of artisans busy themselves crafting and reviving traditions to produce works that are both authentic and modern.

Wander into the Fez medina and explore its alleys, where you will madrassas, riads and caravanserai that have been converted to museums and mosques. Tour El Henna market, a showcase for natural cosmetics where bars of black soap are stacked alongside kohl kits and bottles of rose water. Seek out the cabinet makers clustered in the Nejarrine district, who work wood, which they cut and carve with great finesse. But in the Imperial City, the most representative art is pottery. This is where you will find the famous cobalt blue pottery of Fez, glazed ceramic made by deft potters. Their agile hands produce great trinkets that double as souvenirs and practical serving pieces.

Meknes has a reputation of its own. Its medina and El Hedime square are homes to all kinds of stands. Artful damascening can be found on vases, plates, bracelets and other finely decorated objects. Embroidery and tanning are also specialties among these craftsmen who hand down their skills from father to son.

Meknes is nestled within an exceptional, fertile hinterland scattered with vineyards, orchards and olive groves.

In these two imperial cities and their surrounding areas, there are countless opportunities to find souvenirs from the people and from the land.

Viaje a las puertas del desierto

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Ouarzazate, Zagora y Tinghir, un destino auténtico rebosante de mil y una maravillas que le dejarán sin aliento, les desvela a los visitantes una diversidad de paisajes increíbles, entre desierto y exuberantes valles.

Siga los pasos de los más famosos directores como David Lean, Ridley Scot, Martin Scorsese o Alejandro González Iñárritu, que rodaron en los suntuosos decorados de esta ciudad del cine las obras maestras del séptimo arte como “Lawrence de Arabia”, “Gladiator”, “Kundun” y “Babel”. Cada año, la magia de estos lugares atrae a nuevas producciones, como recientemente la de la serie “Prison Break”.

Los deportistas ávidos de aventura y de rutas de senderismo seguirán numerosas pistas que los conducirán a los confines del desierto, irán al encuentro de los camelleros y sus caravanas en la encrucijada de las rutas de Draa, del Ziz y del Dades.

¿Y por qué no acampar en vivac? ¡La duna de Tinfou, cerca de Zagora, también conocida como la duna “de la arena de oro” le hará vivir una experiencia inolvidable! En cuanto a Tinghir, aproveche su visita para admirar desde la Kasbah de El Glaoui la espléndida panorámica que esta ciudad del Alto Atlas le ofrece de su palmeral y de las gargantas del Todra.

A las puertas del desierto, ¡nada es demasiado bello!

¡Disfrute a tope de sensaciones fuertes a las puertas del desierto!

¿Le apetece vivir experiencias al límite en un entorno de ensueño? Disfrute de unos intensos momentos deportivos en pleno corazón de la región de Ouarzazate, Zagora y Tinghir: una ruta de senderismo a pie o a lomos de un camello, BTT, pesca o incluso trekking por la cadena montañosa del Jebel Saghro, la ascensión del Monte M’Goun o múltiples deportes mecánicos que podrá practicar en la Duna de Chegaga no son más que una pequeña muestra de las numerosas actividades deportivas que podrá practicar en la región de Ouarzazate. ¡Sensaciones fuertes garantizadas!

¿Sueña con poder compaginar unas vacaciones en las que desconectar totalmente en plena naturaleza al tiempo que practica o incluso descubre todo tipo de actividades deportivas nuevas? ¡La zona formada por la ciudad de Ouarzazate y sus dos vecinas ciudades más pequeñas, Zagora y Tinghir, son el lugar ideal para la práctica de numerosos deportes! ¡Allí le espera un entorno natural entre ciudades típicas de Marruecos y desierto para llenar los pulmones de aire fresco! ¡Prepárese a vivir sensaciones fuertes por la Duna de Chegaga a lomos de un camello, en BTT, con su mejor calzado de trekking o en un vehículo!

¡De compras por las inmediaciones del desierto!

Comprar múltiples objetos típicos como alfarería, puñales y alfombras, visitar sus lugares de fabricación llegando incluso a elaborarlos usted mismo, son una parte de las actividades que podrá realizar en Ouarzazate, Zagora, Tinghir y sus alrededores. ¡Allí le está esperando la autenticidad y la riqueza cultural!

En las inmediaciones del desierto, en esta región inexplorada y de naturaleza preservada, descubrirá la autenticidad y la maestría de sus artesanos. Estas ciudades marroquíes, al igual que todas las demás ciudades de la región, poseen un rico patrimonio y permiten descubrir múltiples objetos y creaciones típicas, tanto del país como más concretamente de esta región.

Admire las joyas y las alfombras fabricadas por las manos expertas de los Amazigh, descubra una fábrica de destilación de agua de rosas en Kelaa M’Gouna o incluso la alfarería típica de las ciudades de Tamegroute y Zagora. ¿Y por qué no descubrir más acerca de la fabricación del hierro forjado en Tinghir? En estas encantadoras ciudades del sur de Marruecos podrá ver infinidad de cosas. Visite también la cooperativa de AZLAGT para conocer los procesos de fabricación de los puñales, o incluso Taznakhte para admirar las alfombras.

A paradise of sand and stone

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Thrills galore at the gateway to the desert!

Are you searching for excitement in an idyllic setting? Look no further than the region of Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir for intense sporting adventures: hikes, camel treks, mountain biking, fishing, backpacking in the mountains of Jebel Saghro, summiting Mount M’goun and a plethora of motor sports on the Chgaga Dunes – these are just some of the myriad activities that await you around Ouarzazate. Thrills and chills are guaranteed!

Is your dream to combine a vacation in an exotic natural setting while enjoying a favorite recreational activity or learning a new one? The area around the city of Ouarzazate and its more modest neighbors, Zagora and Tinghir, is the ideal place for an array of sports. The environment here ranges from typically Moroccan towns to a vast desert where you can get your fill of fresh air. Climb atop a camel, jump on your mountain bike, lace up your best walking shoes or hop into a vehicle and head toward the Chgaga Dunes. Prepare to be amazed!

Do you long to get away to grand, mysterious landscapes? Then hire a guide and roam through the palm groves at Draa and Skoura, climb the dunes at Tinfou, Erg Lihoudi or Chegaga and admire the singular beauty of the Fint oasis! In the mood for a swim? Jump into Mansour Eddahbi Lake! Ouarzazate and its neighbors Zagora and Tinghir offer up a host of activities and unforgettable panoramas to enjoy on a Moroccan vacation devoted to the unexpected.

Together, Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghirmake up an important metropolitan area in southern Morocco, on the outskirts of the desert, where the varied landscapes will take your breath away. Seek out the company of an experienced Moroccan guide and get ready to explore a ton of sites whose unheralded beauty will transport you. The variety of panoramas create a true feeling of escape. Venture into palm groves, swim in lakes, wander through the mineral desert at Agdz or the Dades Valley, explore the caverns at Akhiam-Imssakh-Rabb or Oussikis Valley or plunge into the unmissable Iriqui National Park!

As you can see, Ouarzazate has a wide array of landscapes that are representative of Morocco and of this gateway to the desert.

Shopping on the edge of the desert

Shop for an array of typical products, including pottery, daggers and carpets, visit the workshops where they are crafted or even try your hand at making something yourself. These are but some of the activities that await you in Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir and the outlying area. Come discover their authenticity and cultural wealth for yourself

This unexplored region on the fringes of the desert features unspoiled natural wonders and authentic, expert work from skilled craftsmen. These Moroccan cities, just like all the other cities in the area, are home to a rich heritage. They allow you to discover myriad objects and creations that are typical not just of the country but of this region in particular.

Admire the jewelry and carpets made by the expert hands of Amazigh, or Berber, artisans, tour a rose water distillery in KelaaM’gouna or seek out classic pottery in the towns of Zagora and Tamegroute. Why not take the time to learn about producing wrought iron in Tinghir? All these discoveries and more await you in the charming cities of southern Morocco. Be sure to make a stop at the AZLAGT cooperative to learn about making daggers or in Taznakhte to marvel at the carpets!

Atlas and the Desert Errachidia – Midelt – Merzouga

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Midelt, Errachidia and Merzouga welcome you to eastern Morocco. The first two cities are your introduction to mountainous terrain with the beautiful scenery formed by the Middle Atlas range, a majestic setting that enchants and bewitches. This was also the start and end point for the caravans that once carried food to Timbuktu.

Merzouga, a small village lost in the sands, is one of the gateways to the Sahara. Here is the land of the Erg Chebbi, a world of dunes, palm groves, trails and treks. Explore the desert and these stretches of sand bathed in sun and silence. As you walk among these immense, arid forms, you will stumble upon a lake, Dayet Srij.

Waders stand in its waters as doves and wagtails soar overhead and storks hover. One of Morocco’s richest ecosystems thrives right here in the middle of the desert!

Eastern Morocco is full of curiosities, so surrender to its mountains and deserts and discover a whole other country.

Love Morocco

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Culture, history, geography, food, hospitality and fun! The owner, Mohamed, knows and loves his country and its culture. You will fall in love with Morocco using this company. Mohamed is a licensed driver and guide who speak many languages so there is no language barrier.

Experience the real morocco

I requested a Berber experience and Tripinmorocco delivered. It was an amazing trip of two weeks that focused on the native Berber lifestyle and culture. Mohamed introduced me not only to the people, but the culture, food and amazing geography. We traveled places where a tourist would rarely, if ever, visit. Even had the opportunity to meet his extraordinary family who made me feel so welcome in their home. I highly recommend Mohamed and Tripinmorocco for the best Morocco experience.


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Há quase um ano, fiz uma viagem ao Marrocos. Passei três semanas lá e aproveitei cada momento. Ainda me lembro de todos os detalhes e a vontade de voltar é grande. Por isso, decidi fazer este comentário, mesmo que tanto tempo depois. Conheci diversas cidades, visitei palácios, medinas, souks; montanha, praia e deserto; lugares lindos, indescritíveis, encantadores. Quem nos acompanhou durante toda a viagem foi um guia marroquino, nascido no deserto, conhecedor profundo do País. Seu nome é Mohamed Amraoui e ele é o proprietário da Agência Trip in Morocco. Com extrema eficiência e profissionalismo, ele nos mostrou seu País, sua tradição, sua cultura. E, uma enorme vantagem, falando “portunhol”, de entendimento fácil. O povo marroquino me impressionou. Pessoas lutadoras, corretas, que inspiram confiança. Nos sentimos seguros; a viagem foi toda tranquila. A qualquer hora do dia, em cidades pequenas ou mais movimentadas, mesmo à noite, caminhando, sozinhos, não tivemos qualquer problema relativo à segurança. A forma como o Mohamed Amraoui trabalha nos garantiu conhecer o Marrocos mais profundamente, ter um contato mais próximo com os lugares e as pessoas. Como é uma excursão privada, temos a oportunidade de fazer o roteiro personalizado, adequado exatamente aos nossos interesses, o que é perfeito. Embora tenha gostado muito de todos os lugares que visitamos, preciso destacar Merzouga. O deserto é simplesmente maravilhoso. Fazer um passeio montada em dromedário, ouvir música nativa em volta de uma fogueira, dormir no meio do deserto, em uma jaima, sob um céu com mais estrelas do que eu imaginava existir é, certamente, um privilégio… Não consigo achar adjetivos suficientes para explicar a sensação. Se puder, não deixe de visitar o Marrocos. E, caso tenha a sorte de fazer isto, contrate o Mohamed Amraoui, da Trip in Morocco. Você vai ficar plenamente satisfeito com o serviço oferecido. E vai ter uma experiência rica, preciosa, inesquecível, sob todos os aspectos. Ambos, o Marrocos e o Mohamed Amraoui, vão surpreender você.

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Viagem incrível e encantadora!

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Viajar ao Marrocos superou todas as minhas expectativas!
Um país com uma diversidade geográfica, cultural e social que impressiona. Um país de contrastes!!!
Rodamos, nem sei bem, mais de 4.000 km por paisagens e climas bem diferentes, por cidades que contam a riqueza de sua história na sua particular arquitetura, nas suas cores, na beleza do seu artesanato (tapetes e cerâmicas lindos, couro, prata, madeira), na comida deliciosa e bem típica carregada nas especiarias, ai o açafrão! E o chá? Ai as tâmaras! Ai as romãs!!! E com sua música alegre e vibrante.
Viajamos com muita segurança e conforto e a cada parada uma surpresa no charme e na hospitalidade dos riads escondidos nas ruas simples das Medinas.
O turismo é atividade econômica chave e eles se esforçam para que você se sinta à vontade, se encante com o país e perca o que possa existir de preconceito em relação à cultura.
Tudo foi bacana, mas o ponto alto da viagem foi realmente a experiência do Sahara. Vivenciar a emoção de ouvir o silêncio no meio daquela imensidão de areia, se sentir um pontinho minúsculo em harmonia com o universo, assistir ao nascer e ao por do sol colorindo a areia em diferentes tons, ou participar de uma festa ao som dos tambores ao redor do fogo é lindo e único!!!! É indescritível!
Nossa programação foi bem variada e flexibilizada a cada desejo e ficou por conta da experiência e do profissionalismo da agência e da sensibilidade do nosso guia e motorista, hoje um querido amigo. Youssef, “um bom companheiro”, um jovem Berbere alegre, educado, atencioso, além de bonito e charmoso, mas que encanta mesmo pelo brilho nos olhos com que fala de sua origem nômade e pela maneira amorosa com que nos apresenta seu país.
Vocês são mesmo muito competentes no que fazem! Todos os elogios e agradecimentos seriam poucos para descrever o carinho, o cuidado, o respeito, e a paciência com cada uma de nós. Shukraan!!!, com certeza, faz toda a diferença no turismo do Marrocos!
Super recomendo!!!!

Viva a África! Marrocos!
Rabat! Volubilís! Chefchaouen! Ouarzazate! Meknes! Merzouga!! Fes! Marrakech!!! ❤️