Morocco is a mountainous country located in the northwest of Africa. It is bounded to the north by the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, south by Mauritania, east by Algeria and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Moroccan coast stretches over 3500 km. Atlas mountain chains were long an obstacle to communication between north and south.

The dominant climate in Morocco is Mediterranean, temperate west and north by the Atlantic Ocean. inside, the climate is continental with significant differences in temperature, the Atlas area is wet, snow is common .the south has a desert and dry climate.

Population:  34,817,065 millions inhabitants (2016)
Area: 710 850 km².
Density: 83.14 inhabitants / km².
Capital: Rabat 33,655,786  inhabitants  2016
Principle cities: Casablanca (5.18 million inhabitants). Marrakech (over 1.967 million inhabitants). Fez (approximately 1.2 million inhabitants). Tangier (982000 inhabitants).
Language: the Amazigh”berber” (tarifite, tamazighte, tachelhite),Classical Arabic (official), colloquial Arabic (Darija), French (fluent in administration), and Spanish ( (used locally in the north).).
System: Constitutional monarchy.
Head of State: Mohamed 6 (since 1999).
Currency: The Dirham. (1 euro = 11 dirham).
World Heritage sites inscribed on UNESCO:

  • Medinas of Fez (1981)
  • medinas of Marrakech (1985)
  • the Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou (1987)
  • medinas of Meknes (1996)
  • Medina of Tetouan (1997)
  • the site of Volubilis (1997)
  • Medina of Essaouira (2001)
  • and the city of El Jadida in Portuguese (2004)

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